Terms & Conditions

On the basis of Section 10 of Consumer rights protection law and provisions No 2017 “Regulations on distance agreement” issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on May 28, 2002, this distance agreement has been concluded between SIA "Raibi", hereinafter referred as “Seller”, from one side, and Buyer – individual person, from the other part, for liabilities ensued to Buyer upon ordering one or more identical or different Products, hereinafter referred as “Product”, and paying the Product price stated in the invoice, and to Seller upon confirming the Product order and providing the delivery of Product to address stated by the Buyer.

1.       Order forming procedure.

1.1.  Buyer forms the Product order in the internet by reading the information on the Product placed in the website www.raibi.lv, including, provisions of this agreement and delivery (www.freija.lv/piegāde), and sends it to Seller, specifying phone number.

2.      Product price and payment order.

2.1.  Product price is the price for which Seller sells the Product to the Buyer.

2.2.  Upon agreement with Seller, the Buyer pays for the Product in euro (EUR), on the basis of invoice issued by Seller, to the bank account of Seller within 5 (five) days from the date of invoice reception.

2.3.  Day when the amount stated in the invoice has been received in the banka account of Seller shall be considered as the date of payment.

     Order execution procedure.

3.1.  Order execution shall be started when Seller confirms the offer and Buyer has paid full price of Product.

3.2.  Term of Order execution depends on the category of selected Product, but not later than in 5 (five) days from Order confirming.

3.3.  Order shall be considered as executed upon the day of actual delivery of Product to the Buyer:

3.3.1. if Seller has made two repeated delivery Orders to the address stated by the Buyer, but the Buyer has not withdrawn the order due to particular mean of reception, liabilities of Seller shall be considered as executed. Seller shall be entitled to refuse further delivery options, and Buyer shall be obliged to come to the Seller and receive the Product.  

3.4.  After Order execution, liabilities of Seller towards the Buyer shall be considered as executed.

3.5.  Property rights of the Product and related responsibility shall be transferred to the Buyer at the moment of Product handover.


4.      Rights and obligations of Parties.

4.1.   Seller undertakes to:

4.1.1. sell the Product and deliver it according to the Order;

4.1.2. provide complete information about the Product and its manufacturer;

4.1.3. inform (also electronically) the Buyer on changes in order execution provisions, if Product delivery terms changes during the period when Seller executes the order;

4.1.4. review claims of Buyer related to the Product, order execution terms or quality within the reasonable term, by replying the Buyer;

4.1.5. not later than in 30 (thirty) days, repay the Buyer the amount actually paid for the Product, if Seller fails to execute the order due to respective provisions and Buyer has not gave the consent for such changes;

4.1.6. to use personal information stated in the order of Buyer, including bank requisites, only for the issue of invoice related to the payment of order and its execution.

4.2.  Seller has rights:

4.2.1. in case of questions after reception of the order, to contact the Buyer by phone in order to specify information on selected Product or Buyer stated in the order;

4.2.2. not to start order execution if stated payment for Product ordered by the Buyer has not been received;

4.2.3. not to accept claims on the non-conformity of Products and Products according to paragraph 6 of this agreement, if Product has visual and/or technical damages caused due to the fault of Buyer and that limits further realization of Product and/or its returning to the manufacturer of Product.

4.3.  Seller shall have right to change the content of this agreement unilaterally without violation of the requirements of legal acts. This condition does not relate the orders which are in the execution process. Changes shall come into force upon their publication in this website.


4.4.  Buyer undertakes to:

4.4.1. form the order, provide true and accurate information on selected Product and Buyer himself, in order to let the Seller execute his rights in full, by contacting Seller electronically or by phone in case of questions;

4.4.2. pay for the Product according to Product price stated in the order and invoice;

4.4.3. accept the Product within delivery term specified in the order.

4.5.  Buyer has rights:

4.5.1. to receive the Product according to the order;

4.5.2. to receive the paid money for the Product, in case Seller fails to execute the order due to respective provisions and Buyer has not gave the consent for changes.


5.      Quality and warranty of Product.

5.1.  Seller shall be responsible for the sale of qualitative Product and delivery due to technical specification and order of Product.


6.     Liabilities of Parties.

6.1.  Parties shall bear full responsibility for the execution of their liabilities according to existing legal acts.

6.2.  If during the execution of this agreement any Party faces obstructions caused by Force Majeure that cannot be affected and controlled by Parties, the affected Party shall inform the other Party on such situation and agree on further actions.


7.     Rights of withdrawal.

7.1.  Rights of withdrawal are the rights of Buyer to resign from the agreement unilaterally within the stated term, without paying the compensation for losses to Seller. Sending of refusal in stated term terminates the agreement and releases the Buyer from any contractual liabilities, except costs related to return of Product to Seller.

7.2.  Buyer shall have rights to resign from the Product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from its reception by filling in the refusal form available in section “Product return”. 

7.3.  Within 5 (five) days from sending of written refusal, Buyer shall have an obligation to return the Product to Seller. All costs related to the return of Product shall be covered by the Buyer.

7.4.  Upon the use of rights of withdrawal, Buyer shall be responsible for the retention of Product quality and safety, as well as any reduction Product value if it has been used in a way that does not meet the principle of good faith, including, the use for purpose another as the definition of features or operation of Product. Otherwise, Seller shall keep the rights not to accept the returned Product.

7.5.  After reception of letter on refusal and the Product, Seller shall immediately, but not later than in 30 (thirty) days, repay the amount paid for the Product to the Buyer by transferring it to bank account stated by the Buyer. Otherwise, if Seller does not receive letter on refusal and/or the Price within the term stated in this agreement, he shall be entitled not to repay the amount paid for the Product to the Buyer.


8.     Dispute settlement procedure.

Any disputes and disagreements that could arise or shall arise between Parties during the execution of this agreement, shall be settled by means of negotiations. If Parties fail to make agreement, the dispute shall be forwarded to the Court according to legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.


9.     Data processing.

Upon entering the required information, forming the order, Buyer attests that he has acquainted with and accepts the use of provided data for confirming the respective order by Seller and provision of Product delivery according to the requirements of legal acts of the Republic of Latvia. Upon entering the information, Buyer agrees that notifications related to processing of order shall be sent to stated e-mail address.