1. According to Consumer rights protection law, within 14 days from the day of order reception You are entitled to return the product if it does not fit or You want to change it.

2. Product to be returned cannot be used (without cigarette, perfume and other smells, without spots of cosmetics, pulled out threads, etc). Products with damaged original packing shall not be accepted for return.

3. If the condition of product to be returned has worsen and it has been caused by improper use of product, we shall keep rights not to accept the product.

4. Due to hygiene reasons, Buyer HAS no rights without 14 days to return socks, tights, as well as the sets of underpants, socks and/or tights. Provisions №255 issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20.05.2014 (Minutes No 29 5.§).

5. Product return: product in original packing must be sent to return address stated on the package. Filled-in form „Product return form” must be attached. Product must be return to via Latvian Post Office. Costs related to the delivery of product shall be covered by the Buyer. 

6.Money return: Money return stated by law shall be made in full within 30 days. Money can be returned only to bank account of payer. Procedure of refusal and product return relates only to the orders that have been sent to the buyer by post or courier because those buyers have no possibility to see the product at the purchase. Those provisions do not relate to product bought at presence, as well as those provisions do not violate Your rights as the consumer.

According to the provisions of Section 12, part 6 of Consumer rights protection law of the Republic of Latvia, "consumer is responsible for the retention of product quality and safety within the term of refusal rights", therefore we keep the rights for the use of refusal rights towards the buyer, if product has been used and/or damaged, if it is not in the original packing or the packing has substantial damages. Product descriptions and images are informative. Use of provided information does not cause legal liabilities between the visitors of internet shop and its developers. Prices and product offer in the internet shop can be changed without notification. We do not guarantee complete accuracy of available information.